Muller Road Excels in Science

COLUMBIA – Muller Road students Jessica Whitlock, Luther Bells and Madison Tankersley, pictured above from left with teacher Levorn Miller, participated in the annual Science and Engineering Fair at USC on March 15.

Bells, who presented ‘Do leopard geckos have a preference on which side they capture their prey?’ won the Grand Award – Junior Division and other awards. Bells is invited to a national science fair in Washington DC next fall.

Tankersley placed first for the Congaree National Park Award for ‘If given multiple food choices, which one would white-tailed deer prefer the most?’ and Whitlock, who was the Muller Road Science Fair winner, was awarded Chemistry Honorable Mention for ‘Evaluate how the different forms of ibuprofen in a common painkiller affect drug solubility.’

Bells is pictured below speaking with judges in the final judging phase.

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