Green Energy BioFuel moves headquarters to Aiken

WINNSBORO – After 10 years of operations, Green Energy Biofuel is relocating its headquarters from Winnsboro to its new Aiken facility, purchased in 2018. The business, founded by Joe Renwick of Winnsboro, collects used cooking oil from local restaurants, which is then recycled and used for biodiesel production, creating a cleaner burning alternative fuel.

In its Winnsboro facility, the company processed 2 million gallons of grease annually. The new Aiken Plant has an industrial tank farm with custom machinery capable of processing 50 million gallons of grease annually and has been outfitted with automation systems that improve production efficiency, Renwick said.

“While we love our Winnsboro roots and will remain active in the community, our Aiken plant has a much larger capacity that can handle our growing customer base and industrial volumes,” Renwick said. “We aren’t just closing a plant, we have built a new one that will truly fuel our future and help cultivate clean diesel fuel options for the U.S. and beyond.”


  1. Susan Yenner says

    I am sorry to see Green Energy Biofuels leave Winnsboro. We are very proud of the work they done and the recognition they have received.

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