JWC gives Bertha Goins 10 days to publicly retract statements

WINNSBORO – A bubbling controversy over a Fairfield County council member’s comments over Jenkinsville water quality is threatening to spill into the courtroom.
In a letter obtained by The Voice, attorneys for the Jenkinsville Water Company say Goins will face litigation if she keeps making defamatory statements about Jenksinville water.
The letter also demands that Goins publicly acknowledge that she has no evidence the water or piping are substandard. Lawyers give her 10 days from the June 4 letter to comply or they’ll sue.
“The JWC has been very patient in refraining from taking legal action to stop her from telling lies, making unsubstantiated disparaging comments, and spreading misinformation about JWC and that patience has run out,” the letter states.
Tbe letter also suggests Goins has a chip on her shoulder because water company members voted her off the board, which lawyers state is why she criticizes the JWC.
“Sicne that time, Ms. Goins has consistently criticized the board members that took the other side of this issue, and JWC as a whole, in her efforts to retaliate,” the letter states.
The JWC letter is in response to an April 10 letter from Fairfield County attorney Tommy Morgan, who in a private capacity is representing Goins.
Publicly and through her attorney, Tommy Morgan, Goins has said that threats from the JWC and its lawyers are attempts to silence and intimidate her.
In his April 10 letter, Morgan warned the JWC not to threaten his client for exercising her right to free speech.
“Ms. Goins will not be silenced by Jenkinsville Water Company’s threats of legal action and damages to be sought against her for merely speaking out about the water she receives from Jenkinsville Water Company,” Morgan’s letter states.
“Despite your meritless legal demand, Ms. Goins will continue to shed light on the matter that Jenkinsville Water Company seems so intent on keeping in the dark,” the letter continues.

The Voice will post more on this story as information becomes available.


  1. Debra Bricker says

    Ms. Goins is merely stating what many Fairfield residents know, Jenkinsville Water Company is substandard, and corrupt. People who can afford to do so put in a well, but that is an expensive option not available to most customers who live in fear their water will be cut off if they speak up.

  2. Lou Ann Coleman says

    I and my mother-in-law have to haul water from my son’s well for drinking. I tried using a Brita water filter but, it doesn’t take the awful taste out of the Jenkinsville water.

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