Letters: Fanning’s Operation Chaos

Apparently, Sen. Fanning is heck bent on marching forward with “Operation Chaos in Fairfield” via his latest appointee upheaval – the possible reappointment of the election commission this time.

Once again, is Fanning’s whim going to place the county at risk by trading qualified experience for his costly agenda – an all-at-once upheaval instead of a prudent phase in/phase out of the old and new commissioners?

How much more will he strain this county with his costly personal penchant for political machinations?

Fanning has already embarrassed his entire district and lost all credibility with his deceitful, underhanded, ethically challenged and totally “bungled” handling of what should be, and has been up to now, a straight forward and simple process.

To add further embarrassment to the entire district, the legislature is apparently drawing up a special bill just to prevent any future Fannings from mucking up the magistrate system as he did.

When will this madness end? Not until the public outcry is heard loud and clear in the Governor’s office which has the duty of final approval at least some of the appointments.

Randy Bright



  1. jeff schaffer says

    RIGHT ON !!!

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