Letters: What in the Heck

What in the heck was Sen. Fanning thinking when he set in motion the now- exposed-as-farcical Great Magistrate Upheaval?

Why did we need a wholesale Magistrate change in the first place?

Did he really believe the public would be silent about a tainted selection process which included a heavy dose of good ole boyism in the selection committee?

Did Fanning really believe he is above the rules and could unnecessarily raise costs for the tax payers and angst in the justice system without repercussions?

Did the senator actually think the governor’s office would ignore his blatant disregard for appointment rules?

Surely, Fanning did not forget the county is serviced by an independent and county dedicated award winning newspaper- The Voice of Fairfield?

Did Fanning want to see how far he could cross over the line with his Magistrate shenanigans?

Just what in the heck was Sen. Fanning thinking?


Randy Bright


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