Deer hunter foils theft of his Polaris

WINNSBORO – William Ladd of Winnsboro recently posted on his Facebook that he had one of the most interesting bow-hunts of his life about 7:30, Sunday evening.

“I was sitting in the [deer] stand minding my own business when I heard my Polaris driving up behind me,” Ladd recalled. His first thought was that it was his wife Meg.

The deer stand is on Ladd’s family property.

He said he wondered why his wife would be driving into the woods where he was hunting.

“Then I realized it wasn’t Meg, but someone I didn’t know driving my Polaris.”

Ladd called out to the driver, a white male, who stopped the vehicle about a hundred feet from the deer stand and, startled, peered up into the stand at Ladd.

“I yelled at him and he tried to race off but realized he had no exit, and probably thought he was about to get shot,” Ladd said. “That’s when I started videoing him and trying to figure out who he was and what he was trying to do. When I started climbing out of the tree he ran off through the woods. I raced back to the house to check on my family, then went back looking for him, but didn’t find him,” Ladd said.

Ladd then called the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office who responded and later brought out a bloodhound to try and track the would-be thief.

The investigation is ongoing. 

“This guy had some nerve to try and steal our Polaris from the middle of our farm,” Ladd said, then quipped, “He better be glad he ran into me and not my wife, because she probably wouldn’t have asked so many questions.”

Ladd confronts the suspect on his Polaris.

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