Letter: Bell Confuses Meeting Minutes with Voice Article

We applaud Councilman Moses Bell for clearly revealing his Priority One at Monday’s (11/11) council meeting.

Mr. Bell’s zeal to be a newspaper critic instead of a constructive councilman was quite evident Monday evening when he reverted to his self-appointed role as “The Voice Denigrator” during council’s discussion of the minutes from the previous council meeting. Of course, there was nothing in the minutes about The Voice.

Fortunately, Chairman Neil Robinson correctly admonished Mr. Bell for his off-topic, distracting behavior.

Our hope is that Mr. Bell will, in the future, redirect his obsession with The Voice to discussions outside of council meetings and focus 100% during council meetings on constructive council business.

Less self-promotion and more county promotion is not too much to ask of Mr. Bell, either.

Randy Bright


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