Grab & Go breakfast and lunch

FAIRFIELD COUNTY – With school facilities closed during the coronavirus pandemic and spring break scheduled for this week, April 13 – 17, the Fairfield County School District staff and volunteers busied themselves for three to four hours on Friday preparing and sacking breakfast and lunch meals for every student for the five-day break. Then the bags were loaded onto school buses for delivery to the students at designated stops along the bus routes between 11 a.m. an 1 p.m. The scene was similar at each of the District schools.

Here’s a look at how staff and volunteers for Fairfield Elementary and the Magnet School for Math and Science worked together to prepare and bag over 1,000 meals on Friday.

District staff and volunteers included Bildra Richmond, Harriet Wooard, Banilla Harrison, Sheriff Will Montgomery, Melvin Hemphill, Darreyl Davis, Sr., Dr. Gail Whitfield, Connie Harrison, Bruce Kirkland, Melissa Yarborough and Lisa Hall. | Photos: Darreyl Davis

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