Letter: Who Brought Chipper to Airport Road?

It was recently called to my attention that someone has spread information to my constituents on Airport Road that I was in some way responsible for bringing the chipper site to Airport Road and that I voted to replace the chipper with an incinerator.

Neither of those two things happened. And there is documentation in the minutes of county council meetings to proof this is incorrect information being spread.

To set the record straight, I was not a member of the Fairfield County Council when the chipper site was brought to Airport Road. It was brought there by the Phil Hinely administration under the direct supervision of Fairfield County Deputy Administrator Davis Anderson in or about July of 2010, seven years before I was elected.

This information can be verified in the minutes on record from the July 20, 2010 council meeting.

Furthermore, as is documented in the July 8, 2019, council minutes, I voted along with every other council member to NOT bring an incinerator to Airport Road, but to find a new location for it. We had rezoned the land for an incinerator, but when the Airport Road residents told us they did not want it, we listened.

I ran for county council in 2016 so that I could help and protect my constituents, and that is still my goal.

I appreciate my constituents and will always look out for their good and for the good of all of Fairfield.

Jimmy Ray Douglas

Fairfield County Councilman (District 2)

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