Will paint cover Billy Bob and Charlene?

WINNSBORO – The saga of Billy Bob and Charlene emblazoned in John Deere green on the Blythewood water tower is about to be toast.

After Blythewood town council voted, albeit reluctantly, at its May 26 meeting to ask the Town of Winnsboro to paint over what both the Blythewood and Winnsboro mayors called Billy Bob grafitti, The Voice’s Facebook page lit up in anguish.

“No! Leave it up,” wrote Fran Taylor Dodds.

“I’ll miss seeing it. It makes me smile,” Stephanie S. Grantham chimed in.

“I think it’s awesome! It adds character to our little town!” Judy Miller wrote.

“LEAVE IT!!!!” Patti Wilkes pleaded.

And there were more.

But on Tuesday evening, the Winnsboro town council voted unanimously to accept a bid for $2,671 from Southern Corrosion Corp out of North Carolina to paint over Billy Bob, Charlene and their John Deere Green heart. The deed will be done at a time to be determined by the company, according to Winnsboro Mayor Roger Gaddy.

Now the folks in Blythewood will find out if the lyrics of the song are true –

“Painting over it ain’t no use.

There ain’t no paint in the world that’ll cover it.

The heart keeps showing through.”

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