Letter: Former Mayor Enraged at Current Councilmen

 I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in your vote last night!  I just don’t get it, $5000 for the year (little over $400/month) to house the cultural groups and the chamber.  Not to mention the “Visitor Center” component! We have squandered so much more money on other things in the past, just look at the Doko Film Fest report from last year and not 100 attendees for either night and you (and we) spent $15,000.  Then approved last night over $6000 for the event this coming year, don’t get it!!

You have slapped the business community, arts and cultural societies in the face.  I will do everything as a former mayor, business owner (in the town), citizen and involved community supporter to make the decisions of Mr. Brock, Mr. Sloan Griffin and Mr. Larry Griffin known to every member of these groups and their supporters.

You totally ignored the 5 to 1 approval vote of YOUR  Atax committee board.  They saw the very positive aspects of this funding and you couldn’t see this.

This is tough to say, but I’m not a mayor that got defeated and removed from office. I stepped down and felt like this was a good group to move this town forward. After tonight I’m not so sure. 

Remember, “it ain’t always about what YOU think, but your constituents, the people that elected you”!

J. Michael Ross