CT-scan COVID test available at PH-Fairfield

WINNSBORO – The Fairfield Covid-19 Taskforce is offering a CT scan for initial diagnosis of COVID with results provided to prescribing physicians within 24 hours. Protocols include any symptom of COVID and selected high risk individuals.

CT-scans are recommended by the World Health Organization when PCR (sometimes known as the ‘nose swab’ testing) tests are delayed. Not only are results available rapidly it also has been reported to provide only 5% false negative rates, compared to 20% – 30% for RT-PCR.

Slots are available now from 5-9 a.m. and 9-11 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Patients are encouraged to ask their physicians if this is the best test for them. To schedule CT testing, physicians should fax patient orders to Providence Health Centralized scheduling department at 803-256-5816.

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