Lake Scar-O-Lina was wet ‘n wild

BLYTHEWOOD – It was the fourth Village Church event the Lord rained on – but not out – this year. But the church’s popular Lake Scar-O-Lina fall event turned out to be all good.

In keeping with COVID restrictions, costumed kids rode in the back seats of hundreds of vehicles parents steered through the maze of candy stations in the church parking lot.

“We have two trucks of candy to hand out, literally, two trucks,” joked Village Church Pastor Erik Estep as he waddle from candy station to candy station in a blow-up rooster costume to welcome the ghosts and goblins. The event was festive and even the candy handlers were dressed in animal and action hero costumes.

Besides handouts of candy, trick-or-treaters were also given a pumpkin to take home. And there were displays of military vehicles including an orange tiger-striped helicopter.

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