Letter: Chamber Supports 1¢ Tax

Our great citizens of Fairfield County received another flyer in support of the sales tax increase into our homes. Both flyers failed to state the contents of the referendum itself, why? The referendum states IN THE EVENT SUCH SALES AND USE TAX IS INADEQUADE, SUCH BONDS SHALL BE PAYABLE FROM A SUFFICIENT AD VALOREM TAX IMPOSED ON ALL TAXABLE PROPERTY IN THE COUNTY…what does this mean? It means that the taxes on your homes, vehicles, etc. will be raised if the sales and use tax is not enough.  In a NYT article, by Kate Kelly and Mark Mazzetti concerning the pandemic, it is reported that while Mr. Donald Trump declared on February 24 “the pandemic was very much under control,”  hours earlier, a senior economic adviser to the president, told board members of the conservative Hoover Institution he could not yet estimate the effects of the virus on the American economy.  Many who knew of the details were able to take advantage of the situation.  Why is this nugget important concerning the referendum?  I believe it is misleading to tell only the PERCIEVED attributes of the referendum with two flyers into our homes, and not stating on either flyer the contents of the referendum itself. I ask why.  Why is the anger and hostility so prevalent because others disagree concerning the referendum? Democracy dictates and sets up the premise for opposing views. Have you noticed that the Chamber normally sponsors a forum for the candidates to discuss their views on issues, but not this time? Why?  In an ad in last week’s Voice stated something to this effect, the wastewater treatment plant and the sales tax increase are not the same thing…I agree.  Realizing that the money and other resources spent in trying to get a yes vote is overwhelming, I will not try to compete with those resources, I am just a small voice of conscience knowing it is not the right thing for our citizens so I am asking you first to read the referendum and then you too will decide to vote NO.

Moses W. Bell


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