Letter: Fairfield Needs WWTP Now

This letter is to endorse the approval of a new waste-water treatment plant in Fairfield County near Ridgeway. This will allow more growth for the Midlands and is only fair to build this infrastructure for this side of Columbia.

I work in commercial real estate, specializing in manufacturing and warehouse facilities, and this is exactly the kind of base infrastructure that can land a Boeing or BMW on the nearby mega site. Then you get all kinds of suppliers, which bring more jobs to the Midlands. I also am a partner on properties in Fairfield, Lexington, Kershaw and Richland Counties, and kindly request your approval for this project.

Folks in Fairfield County deserve job opportunities and quality of life amenities just like those in Richland and Lexington.

Thanks for your consideration, and we look forward to your approval soon.

George McCutchen


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