Letter: Harrison is Not Moderate

The DNC is trying to package Jamie Harrison as a nice guy/moderate. While he seems like a nice guy, South Carolinians deserve to know the whole truth.

Jaime Harrison is not a moderate. He is a member of the liberal Democratic Party that is working to destroy American values across the nation.

You may not be able to tell from Harrison’s deceptive ad campaign, but when you listen to what he has said and who he surrounds himself with, it is clear. Jaime Harrison is currently the DNC Associate Chairman and Counsel. He is being paid by the Democratic Party right now. Additionally, his campaign has adopted the far left tactic of running divisive ads urging conservatives to vote for a non-existent candidate who has actually endorsed Graham!?

Furthermore, Harrison has praised Nancy Pelosi calling her an inspiration and a mentor. If that is not enough evidence, Harrison is supported by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, and AOC. Additionally, ultra-left organizations like NARAL and MoveOn have also enthusiastically endorsed Harrison.

Do these sound like the names of moderate politicians and moderate lobbying groups? Jaime Harrison will say whatever he needs to get your vote. But do you trust him to vote on your behalf in Washington? Jaime Harrison has no proven loyalty to South Carolina voters. He has never held a publically elected office. I am standing up for South Carolina and voting for Senator Lindsey Graham who has a proven record of supporting our state and our nation guided by South Carolina values. I encourage you to join me.

Randy Bright


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