Letter: Re-elect Bertha Goins

When we go to vote in District 4, let’s vote with our minds, not with our neighbors in our ear.

In Fairfield, we have elected some of the worst choices possible in past administrations including a registered sex offender. The end result of electing the wrong person is simple. We the citizens get absolutely no benefit. They go to college on the county’s dime and waste millions on community centers in the rural that have no restrooms or running water.

An administration prior to this one even slipped a $24 million bond past us that was mostly spent haram-scaram with little to show for it except a $46 million debt. And Mr. Trapp, who now sits on this council and almost always votes against what’s good for this county, not only voted for the $24 million bond, but he made the motion for it to be approved.

In District 4 we have had great leadership from our current representative Bertha Goins for the last 4 years.

She has voted wisely for progress in our county – new industry that has brought 700 jobs, a promise program that allows Fairfield graduates to attend Midlands Tech tuition free, state-of-the-art improvements to our airport, upgrades to our Greenbriar fire station, and a new wastewater treatment plant with the potential to attract more good industries and thousands more good paying jobs.

Now, that’s what we need more of.

There are two people who have not shown any interest in how this government and District 4 are run for the last four years, and who are trying to take Bertha’s seat. Don’t let that happen. We are on the way with this government and can’t afford to turn back to what we had six years ago.

Bertha Goins is honest, fearless and not only is she working for the best interest of our district, she works hard for all of Fairfield. She is fair and open-minded. She is a woman of strong character, determination, courage and endless commitment. She is a woman of God and a person we can all trust.

Bertha is working to support and promote our few businesses in western Fairfield and she’s working to bring more in. She has worked tirelessly with the Palmetto Trail officials to turn the Alston Trailhead into an attraction for tourists and a peaceful getaway for all Fairfield citizens.

She’s made a difference in our district and county.  Let’s keep moving forward.                                                                                                                           

Vote for Bertha Goins before or on Nov. 3

Jeff Schaffer


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