Letter: Where’s Our Rep?

After researching the penny sales tax wastewater treatment upgrade and speaking to members of the Fairfield County Council and community,

I have a couple of questions about our current State House Rep. 

1.) How does our District 41 State House Rep. not know what’s going on in the county she supposedly lives in?

2.) Why does she feel the need to interrogate out county councilmen because of her own shortcomings?

It’s been stated to me by several members of the community that, “she’s actively trying to block progress.” 

I’m inclined to believe one of two things: either she really does live in Charleston, or she just doesn’t pay attention to our community’s infrastructure needs. 

All you have to do is knock on a few doors in Fairfield County to know this need is huge for attracting new businesses and accommodating existing residents. 

And to answer her question posed to Councilman Robinson – Yes, the devil is in the details, but not for the penny sales tax.

Jennifer Brecheisen

Republican Candidate for SC House 41

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