Westwood competes at Pelion

LANCASTER – Westwood Redhawks competed at Pelion last Wednesday. The boys made a 9th place finish overall of 21 teams.

Will Tyndall led the Redhawks in 28th place with a 18:30 finish, followed by Joe Eberlin at 18:40 and Aidan Keck at 19:01. Bryce Strickland and Caden Henderson also finished under 20 minutes.

Katelyn Williams finished for the girls with a personal best 25:21.45. Leayzia Shiver finished at 25:58.97. Faith Tobias, Annalisa Athanas and Kennedy Washington all finished under 30 minutes.

The Redhawks took to Lancaster on Tuesday. The boys finished third of five teams competing. Strickland finished first for the Redhawks and in fifth place at 20:35. Eberlin finished at 20:46 and Tyndall at 20:57.

The Westwood girls finished fourth place with an average time of 30:58.50. Williams was the first finisher for the Redhawks again at 28:13. Tobias finished at 29:09 and Athanas at 30:28.

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