Blythewood mayor, family test positive for COVID

BLYTHEWOOD – After being exposed to COVID 19 when two of his daughters tested positive in early December, Mayor Bryan Franklin and the other members of his immediate family tested negative but quarantined for the CDC-required 7 days.

On Dec. 18, however, Franklin’s wife, Dusty, experienced symptoms of COVID 19, prompting her, the mayor and their two sons to get tested, Franklin told The Voice.

“We all tested positive,” Franklin said. “We’re all quarantining for the required 10 days. Our first day out was Tuesday, Dec. 29,” he said.

Franklin said all members of the family have tested positive except for one daughter who has continued to test negative. “Fortunately, we have all experienced only mild symptoms,” Franklin said. He said the family is faring well.

“We certainly have appreciated all the good food that friends, neighbors and church members have left on our porch throughout our ordeal,” Franklin said.

Town Councilman Eddie Baughman reported that he and his wife, Donna, recently concluded their 10-day quarantine after testing positive on Dec. 17.

“We had been exposed so we went to get tested,” Baughman said. “But neither of us has experienced any symptoms. We feel fine and wouldn’t even know we had it if we had not gotten tested.”

As an extra precaution, Baughman said the couple is getting re-tested just to be sure they are COVID-free before going out in public.

Both Franklin and Baughman expect to attend the Jan. 25 town council meeting.

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