Enter The Voice’s U Pick ‘Em Contest

BLYTHEWOOD/FAIRFIELD COUNTY – Need a little extra cash to pay off some of those Christmas bills that are adding up right now? You might want to consider entering The Voice’s annual College Bowl U Pick ‘Em contest that can be found on page 8 of our Dec. 22 issue or here.

Broom Heating & Air will present three $100 dollar bills to the winner of the contest after the Jan. 11 National Championship game.

The person with the most correct bowl winner choices will be crowned the U Pick ‘Em Champ for 2020. Don’t forget to fill out the tie-breaker, which could be the difference between winning $0 or $300.

Photo copies of the entry form will not be accepted, but you can enter online at blythewoodonline.com. The Voice will count only one entry per person (mailed or online), and all mailed entries must be postmarked by midnight Dec. 29. The online version of the contest will also close at midnight on Dec. 29.

Because of the later bowl selection date, the contest entry form will not be published again, so make sure to fill out this week’s form. In the event that a bowl game included in the contest is cancelled, that game will be dropped from the contest.

Enter the form online here: U-Pick-Em Online

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