Fairfield High alumni give back

Members of the Fairfield High School Alumni Association donated $1,000 to the Fairfield Community Food Bank last week. The Association’s president Donald Prioleau presents the check to the food bank director, Wendy Luce. Standing behind them on the steps of the restored Fairfield High School are: Robert Pickney, Alvin Richmond, Sharon Wade Byrd, Betty Milton, Hazel Pearson, Carolyn & MacArthur, Randy Sims, Edwinda Goodman, Helen Boulware and Nancy and Herbert McClurken.

WINNSBORO – For years the members of the Fairfield High School Alumni Association have given back to their community in many ways. One of those ways has been collecting non-perishable canned foods at each of their association’s monthly meetings and donating those food items to the Fairfield Community Food Bank. When the pandemic hit in March, 2020, however, the group – following CDC guidelines – stopped assembling for the monthly meetings, and the canned food donations stopped as well.

“We know that many of the citizens in Fairfield County are hurting and need a helping hand right now during the pandemic more than ever before,” the group’s president, Donald Prioleau, told The Voice. “So, we decided as a group to make up for the canned food we would have collected since March, and we collected $1,000 from among us to help the Fairfield Community Food Bank in assisting our citizens. We are committed to helping to feed the citizens in our county, especially the children. Hopefully, what we do will help to make Fairfield a better place,” Prioleau said.

“Whatever the association can do to assist the Food Bank, we would be willing to partner with them” he said.

Prioleau presented the check to Wendy Luce, director of the food bank, on the steps of the Association’s beloved school which they spent years of their time and resources restoring. The building is now fully restored, inside and out – another way the group has given back to the community.

“Giving back to the community is a commitment of the Fairfield High School Alumni Association,” Prioleau said.

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