Letter: Firefighters Needed

My wife and grandchildren baked cookies recently and delivered them to the EMT and Fire department #215. We learned that the firemen were nowhere to be found. This led me to contact the administration office of the county. And that is when I was advised…

“Our full-time firefighter assigned to that station was on approved leave yesterday. They accrue vacation/sick leave and get all county holidays, so he won’t be there during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays either.”

Thanks for your input on our staffing models. Hopefully, we will be able to hire more career firefighters in the future, and that will allow the county to expand our coverage. However, we still rely heavily on volunteer firefighters, during the day and after-hours/weekends. I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, to do so.”

Please inform your family members, your friends and the politicians that we need to fix this problem before the loss of life and limb and property occurs because of it.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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