Winnsboro to sub out sewer pretreatment

WINNSBORO –  During Monday night’s Winnsboro Town Council meeting, Trip Peak, the Town’s Gas, Water and Sewer Director, submitted a quote from a company to administer the Town’s industrial sewer pretreatment program. OLEinc (On Line Environmental, Inc., of Gilbert. S.C.) offered the service for a one-time fee of $7,832 for the program set-up, and a monthly fee of $1,293.59 for routine program administration. Charges for additional services that might be required on an as-needed bases are $110/hour consulting and $1.15/mile for travel.

“One thing I like about OLEinc is that they will write up the violations and penalties and do the collections on all this, and that will save us a lot of time,” Peak said.

“Currently our pretreatment program is handled by our environmental person. We’re trying to run this particular program with 20 – 30 hours,” Peak said. “What I’d like to do is sub this particular program out to a company that actually does this for other municipalities as well.” Peak said OLEinc provides pretreatment services to about a dozen other municipalities

He said the change would come with a “pretty good savings because it’s almost $1,300 each month for the individual to run and maintain the program.” He said the program becomes harder to run every year.

“Each one of our six industries are annually permitted, so they are actually paying for the program – anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000, depending on the industry,” Peak said. They are actually paying for their annual permit.”

Council voted unanimously to contract with OLEinc to provide a sewer pretreatment program for the Town’s industries.

In other business, council also voted unanimously to purchase a new heat pump for Town Hall from Alltemp Comfort Services, a local HVAC dealer. Alltemp’s proposal included a complete installation of a Mitsubishi 21 SEER ductless mini split heat pump system for $6,900.

Before going into executive session to discuss ‘Personnel Succession Planning: Utilities Attorney & Town Manager,’ council voted to add an item to the executive session agenda – to discuss moving the water line for Blythewood’s Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School which is under construction.

Following executive session, council voted unanimously to sign a contract with Ladd Corporation to move the waterline.

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