Hoof & Paw receives $50K matching donation

Kathy Faulk, president of Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society, left, and member Christy Rew, present a check for pet food to Kate Williams, Executive Director of the Christians’ Assistance Bridge. The pet food will go to seniors who have pets.

BLYTHEWOOD – Since it became a 501c(3) in 2012, the Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society has raised funds to help animals in need. To do that, they initially held low key fundraisers – yard sales, bake sales – whatever they could to raise $300-$400. The members, who at times numbered only three or four, stretched their dollars to maximize the aid they provided for animals. In recent years, however, the group’s membership has blossomed to 20 or so and their fund raising efforts and resulting good works have attracted an increasing number of mega donors.

Two years ago, Joyce and George Hill of Blythewood and St. Augustine, FL, underwrote the production of a coffee table book that featured local pets and their owners. The photos were taken gratis by local professional photographers who donated their services. The proceeds from the sale of the book totaled almost $100,000.

Woodley’s Garden Center on Two Notch Road in Columbia has also become a benefactor, hosting An Evening in the Garden fundraiser in the gardens of their store for the last three years. The gala includes dinner, live music and a live auction. Everyone and their dogs show up and happily spend thousands of dollars on auctioned golf vacations, beach resorts, jewelry and more to benefit the animals.

“It’s always a wonderful evening and last year we literally sold out of tickets,” Kathy Faulk, president of Hoof & Paw, said. “It was fantastic. And Woodley’s always spares nothing to make it so.”

Last month, a new donor offered to match up to $50,000 of donations to Hoof & Paw through Dec. 31, 2021.

“This is a blessing, a real blessing for the animals,” Faulk said. The initiative is earmarked for animals in Fairfield and Kershaw counties.

“The size of this donation will provide hundreds of spay/neuter procedures and heartworm treatments as well as a new program that will provide food for senior citizens’ pets.

“The spay/neuter program will be our main initiative for the matching funds,” Faulk said. “We’re operating the program through the Fairfield County Animal Shelter. These spay/neuter procedures started two weeks ago,” Faulk said. “The animal shelter has transported 6 dogs to the Blythewood Animal Hospital for spay/neutering and four heart worm positive dogs for treatment, with the hope that this will give the dogs a better chance of being adopted.”

“A unique initiative we started last week,” Faulk said, “is the funding of food for the pets of senior citizens. Because we don’t have the ability to locate and deliver to the elderly pet owners who would benefit from this service, we have partnered with the Christian Assistance Bridge (CAB) to use our donations to purchase the pet food and make it available to their elderly Fairfield County clients for pick up at CAB’s office in Blythewood,” Faulk said.

“We hope to add to this project in the future by partnering with the Fairfield county meals on wheels program to deliver the pet food along with the meals they deliver to senior citizens.”

Anyone interested in learning more, contact CAB, at 803-877-8339. CAB is located at 126 Blythewood Road in Blythewood.

“We are truly thankful to the support we have received from the communities we serve,” Faulk said. “We’ve raised a lot of money, but these funds don’t last forever. The need is so great that we have to keep doing more,” she said.

Anyone wishing to donate to Hoof & Paw, email [email protected] or message Hoofandpaw sc on Facebook or mail donations to The Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society, P. O. Box 168, Blythewood, S.C.

Not a happy ending, but a good ending

Not all ‘rescue dog’ stories have traditional happy endings, but a recent one had the best possible ending for the circumstance, all thanks to a young woman who has a tender heart for animals – especially those who need help.

It was a freezing cold morning in early December that Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society members Kathy Faulk and Minge Wiseman received a phone call from Blythewood resident Sha Mullis and her daughter Bailey. They had rescued a large Bullmastiff who was on the lam in Fairfield County. It had an injury and was in very bad physical shape in Fairfield County. They were having trouble finding a veterinarian open – it was after hours on a weekend – so Bailey decided to the dog home until they could get help for him.

When they found him, he was cold, thirsty and hungry. Faulk arranged with the Fairfield County Animal Shelter that the mother and daughter would be bringing the dog in first thing Monday morning.

Upon arrival at the shelter, the dog was checked for a microchip and held for the appropriate amount of time, but no owner ever came. At the vet’s, the dog underwent extensive testing that showed he was very old and was suffering from cancer.

After considerable consultation with the vet, it was decided that the most humane thing for the dog would be to put him to sleep so that he would not suffer further.

“This sweet loving fellow was a gentle giant,” Faulk said. “And, for sure, knew love, warmth, was on pain medication to make him comfortable and had a full belly for the wonderful time he spent with Bailey and the Fairfield County Animal Shelter.

“Afterwards, Bailey went the extra mile and held an online fundraiser for Hoof & Paw in remembrance of the Bullmastiff,” Faulk said. “She raised a whopping $745 which she presented to the shelter’s director, Bob Innes. Thanks, Sha and Bailey, for saving this boy from a terrible death, all alone.”

“It’s not a happy ending, but it’s a good ending, Faulk said.” 

Since then, Bailey and Sha have taken a step further in their commitment to animal welfare…they have become members of Hoof and Paw!

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