Letter: A Disturbing Vote

The recent actions of the Fairfield County Council are disturbing, perplexing and more importantly, not representative of the constituents’ desires. The 5-month employment contract should be exposed as a first step to get rid of county administrator, Jason Taylor.

One of our new council members stated that she voted to give Mr. Taylor a limited 5-month contract because she needs to first see if she can “work” with him. In an email to me she states that having been on the job for only 17 days is not enough for her to know if she can work with Mr. Taylor.

To be an elected official, one has to have lived in the county for more than 17 days and should have at least been in tune with what was going on in the community in which she ran for office. If I remember correctly, this new council member attends most if not all meetings, speaking out at many of them. It seems that, during all that time, she would have witnessed the outstanding job Jason Taylor has done for this county.

As for Mikel Trapp making the motion…..it’s confusing how he can be knowledgeable about what is going on in the county having attended in person only a couple of meetings in 2020 – not to mention the fact that when he did attend, he usually left meetings early.

So, this equation of four votes consists of one member who rarely attends and one that is “too” new. It doesn’t make any sense that they would be leading this movement.

Another even more disturbing aspect of this fiasco is that it appears that the four majority council members devised a plan prior to the meeting and did not include the entire board.

I’m challenging residents of Fairfield County to join me in a push back against this despicable behavior of four council members who obviously have an agenda.

Lou Ann Coleman


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