Letter: Fairfield is running aground

Wow. This new Council regime is like a rudderless ship adrift on the high seas. First, four members wasted the initial meeting by postponing the two most important agenda items due to a lack of preparedness.

The same four council members exhibited even more clumsiness in the second meeting. Their now infamous and meritless action taken against the county’s high performing administrator was an unprofessional slap in the face to the entire county team and to the citizens of this county.

If not quickly reversed, that damage to the welfare of the county may be even more devastating than the Fairfield Facilities Corp loan fiasco in 2013. Additionally, articles in The Voice reveal we now have the extra distractions of ethical questions that should have been cleared up long ago. It’s now evident, to avoid ramming the county into a disaster, the Helmsman must relinquish the wheel to a more steady hand like Mr. Robinson.

Otherwise, we will all sink together, based upon the chaotic ineptitude delivered thus far by the new council regime.

Randy Bright


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