Griffins fall to Eagles in preseason game

WINNSBORO – Richard Winn hosted Fairfield Central on Tuesday for a scrimmage, their second of the preseason before opening day on March 4.

Fairfield Central opened the game with a pair of singles, but a strikeout, fielder’s choice and pickoff sent them to the field scoreless.

 Richard Winn capitalized on four walks to score four in the bottom of the first and added seven runs in the second inning and one in the third to close out scoring. They claimed the 12-0 win in four and a half innings.

The Eagles put up 11 hits. Taylor went 3-3 with a double. Baker also doubled. Lancaster batted 2-2 with two RBIs. Sam Clyburn and John Russell also had two RBIs.

Last Tuesday, the Eagles took down Great Falls 7-1. They are set to open the season at home March 4 against Heathwood Hall.

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