Letter: God Save Us!

I would like to congratulate our illustrious County Council on deciding to use only another area newspaper with a circulation of 2,500 instead of the Voice with a circulation of over 10,000. This is another brilliant move towards keeping the public informed as to their backward actions, like revisiting the Mt. Zion contract and obviously wanting to kill it regardless of a possible $13.5 million lawsuit for not honoring the contract.

And like limiting Mr. Taylor’s contract for only five months “so they can get to know him better.” Where have you been for the last four years? Asleep at the wheel?

Or no longer allowing the public an option to address Council during their meetings regardless of the chair’s “wanting to get input from the public.”

Or holding illegal meetings, ignoring the 24-hour posting requirement for FOIA law or even including the three other Council members who are truly representing us all.  Unlike the four mavericks who want to take us back decades to a segregated time by preaching and practicing reverse discrimination, the three stalwarts are progressive and wise.

Or ignoring the relationships and reputation our County Administrator and his professional staff have built with potential industrial clients who would bring new jobs to our impoverished workforce.

Or appointing a new county attorney which has traditionally been among the duties of the County Administration, not the County Council chair/dictator.

The 2022 elections cannot get here fast enough for all who are mystified by and disappointed in the current majority performance, or lack thereof.  It is amazing that four misguided citizens alone can dismantle the progress made in Fairfield County in the last six decades……

God save us!

Paul Dove


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