Frank’s car wash coming to Blythewood

BLYTHEWOOD – A Frank’s carwash has received conditional approval from the town’s Board of Architectural Review (BAR) for a Certificate of Appropriateness for the construction of a carwash facility in Blythewood.

The carwash will be located at 109 Main Street, next door to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. The 2.62-acre site is currently vacant.

The applicant, Robert Murphy, said the proposal is to construct a brick, single story car wash. The proposed expansion is eligible for BAR’s consideration based on its location in the Town Center (TC) portion of the Architectural Overlay (AO) District.

The site plan features a canopy roof installed above the service bay area, which will include 18 parking spaces and vacuums.

A landscape berm with shrubs will be installed along the perimeter of the site adjacent to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Town staff will review the landscape plan.

The site’s terrain slopes towards Main Street, forcing the detention pond to be located at the front of the site and the building to the rear.


  1. Monique Garvin says

    After speaking with my fellow Blythewood residents, we do not want this. Not only is the car wash not needed, it will have a negative impact on the environment. If you’re going to grow the area, we would desperately invite more food options—family restaurants not fast food and businesses that support not diminish local Blythewood businesses. Given that there is already a working and hardly used car wash in Blythewood and a Frank’s on Killian Road, you guys really missed the mark with this one. May I suggest a local advisory committee for future development projects?

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