Fairfield man sought for attempted murder

WINNSBORO – A warrant has been issued for a Fairfield man, Delano Malachi White, 44, for attempted murder.

White is a suspect in a stabbing that occurred in the early morning hours of Oct. 31, in Winnsboro at the corner of West College and Manigault Streets. The suspect is a black male, about 6 feet tall and 210 pounds.

Winnsboro Department of Public Safety officers were called to a residence in the 500 block of Sprng Street  about 12:13 a.m., where, according to the incident report,  they  found a man bleeding profusely from several stab wounds and an evisceration across his abdomen.

A witness stated that he saw the victim walking, asking for help, and assisted the victim to the porch of a nearby residence. The victim was subsequently transferred by EMS to a Prisma Health hospital in Richland County.

Upon investigation, officers followed a trail of blood from the porch to a pool of blood in front of a building at the corner of West College Street and Manigault Street where it is believed the victim was stabbed.

WDPS officers are continuing to search for White as the incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information as to White’s whereabouts, is asked to call 803-635-4511.


  1. That man was going to shoot the store owner and he defended his self the man was a known gang member and told Mr white the he was going to kill his family and later it was reported that there where shots fired at Mr whites house by a few of the man’s gang friends Mr white is the victim and you’ll shouldn’t be slandering that man’s name like that in the paper. Mister whit was in fear for his life when the aggressor pulled a gun on Mr white I wish not to be contacted but I am a lawyer and a retired homicide detective and I will make sure Justice is served

  2. Look in to a gentleman/ gang member of the Bloods named pt that gave the man the gun to kill or rob Mr white witch may be the same gun used to shoot at mr whites house.

  3. Protections Under “Stand Your Ground” Outside of a Home or Vehicle

    The protections of “Stand Your Ground” extend outside of a home and vehicle also. If you aren’t engaged in unlawful activity, and you are attacked, you can “stand your ground” and meet the attack with force, including deadly force, if you reasonably believe that your force is necessary to protect you or someone else from death or great bodily injury or to prevent the commission of a violent crime. You don’t have a duty to retreat. This protection applies in public, such as on a sidewalk or at the mall, or at your business.

    And mr white was renting the stor at the time

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