Letter: Is 5 the new 4?

County Council’s majority 4 is now apparently the majority 5. When will good government for the people and by the people return to this community?

Politics make strange bedfellows, as the saying goes. But I believe that the definition of politics is still the best way to understand who and what we are dealing with:

‘Poli’ means many. ‘Tics’ means bloodsuckers.

This current council has done nothing for the public good since the two new members have come aboard, giving us the majority 4. They have created havoc – first with the employees – pushing out the county attorney, county administrator, assistant administrator, clerk to county council, community development director and more., and bringing in uniquely unqualified replacements at salaries far exceeding the salaries of those more qualified employees they pushed out.

Now the 4 (5?) are preparing to spend millions of dollars on things few if any in our community want.

The 4 have presented absolutely no plans for the county’s future – just rhetoric – only a return to an unfriendly, even mean attitude toward the Town of Winnsboro who should be considered an ally. How can such devisiveness possibly benefit anyone in the county or the town.

Lastly, the majority 4 are voting on things they can not even tell us about – i.e., wasteful spending on yet another mini park in District 3 that probably no one will use.

Pray for Fairfield County in 2022.

Jeff Schaffer

Fairfield County

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