Ridgeway rec center sign defaced

RIDGEWAY – The sign announcing the location of the new $2.5M recreation center to be built in Ridgeway was defaced last week with the words: “Stop wasting our $$.” The location is on Highway 21 between Ridgeway and Blythewood.

During the county council meeting Monday night, Chairman Moses Bell addressed the incident.

“I was saddened by the defacement of the sign at District 1 recreation community center location. Not so much for me, but for the citizens in the area. But I’m also very hopeful,” Bell said.

He said he received a call from someone who stated, ‘Mr. Bell, you are doing the right thing to grow this county. But many don’t want to see you and this county be a part of the wealth that will come to the county for your work.’  He said the caller stated, ‘ We are trying to build the infrastructure in a way that gives us  sustainable growth in the future.”

“There are many who are working to incite others, with many others granting permission,” Bell said. “It (the sign) is the property of Fairfield County and once the investigation is done by the Sheriff’s office, Fairfield County will erect a new sign.”

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