Jennifer Brecheisen announces candidacy for House District 41

CHESTER – Jennifer Brecheisen, an artist and homeschooling mother living in Chester County, has announced her candidacy for the South Carolina House of Representatives in District 41.


That district, which includes Fairfield and Chester Counties, is currently represented by Annie McDaniel. The district also includes part of the Lake Carolina area.

New District 41 lines will include part of Blythewood that is currently represented by Kambrell Garvin.

Brecheisen said she is running as a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility, liberty, and parental rights.

“I pledge my commitment to vote “No” to any tax increase or unbalanced budget, vote “No” to any legislation that restricts the Constitutional rights of South Carolinians, and work on legislation that will increase parental rights.


“It is imperative that we lower the tax burden on South Carolinians.  We are going through massive inflation, and we need to operate with fiscal responsibility.  If elected, I will also work with other legislators on abolishing property taxes. There are great people in our district who deserve better.”

“As District 41’s House Rep., I will be committed to finding solutions for building our infrastructure. Without adequate roads and utilities in place, Fairfield and Chester Counties cannot flourish.  We need to be able to attract new businesses and industry, which will create jobs, growth, and wealth.  I will build relationships with our utility companies, fight for fair rates from them, and hold them accountable.  In addition, rural areas need access to quality internet to be able to compete in our state. The fact is we have a majority Republican House and Senate here in SC, and I will be able to work with that majority to get broadband into rural Chester and Fairfield Counties.”

Brecheisen graduated from York Technical College with an A.A. in business. She currently runs a photography business, Jennifer Nicole Portraits and Films. She and her husband, Daniel Brecheisen, have two adult children, one son who they homeschool, one son who is almost two, and they foster 3 nieces and nephews, ages 12, 13, and 15.

To learn more about Brecheisen’s campaign, go to or email her at [email protected]


  1. Greg Balliet says

    If you mean what you say you have my vote I am a true believer in our constitution

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