Planning Commission recommends council rezone Oakhurst to R-20

BLYTHEWOOD – The Blythewood Planning Commission voted unanimously Monday evening to recommend that town council approve a request to initiate an amendment of the Town’s Zoning Map for the Oakhurst neighborhood.

At issue is that the 49-lot neighborhood, which sits off Boney Road, is currently zoned R-8. A majority of the residents requested that the zoning district for all of the 49 lots be downzoned from R-8 to R-20.

Oakhurst was established approximately 20 years ago with R-8 zoning. The minimum lot size for this zoning district is 8,000 square feet.

Town Administrator Carroll Williamson said, however, that all of the 49 lots actually exceed 20,000 square feet. All but five lots have single-family dwellings and the remaining lots are undeveloped.

“In order to ensure that the remaining lots are developed with the similar character as the existing neighborhood,” Williamson said, “a majority of the property owners have requested that the zoning district of the entire neighborhood be changed from R-8 to R-20, which has a minimum lot size requirement of 20,000 square feet.”

On March 28, the issue came before council to direct the planning commission to initiate the rezoning process for Oakhurst. Councilman Donald Brock, who lives in the neighborhood, recused himself from this action item.

At that meeting, Councilman Sloan Griffin made a motion to send the item to the Planning Commission for their approval. The motion was seconded by Councilman Baughman and passed unanimously.

The Blythewood Planning Commission voted unanimously Monday night to recommend to town council to amend the zoning map for all the parcels in Oakhurst neighborhood from  – R-8 One and Two Family Residential District (R-8) to R-20 Low Density Residential District (R-20).

This amendment would rezone the entire Oakhurst neighborhood. A second reading and public hearing will be held by council.

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