Letter: It’s time for a hero in Fairfield

After months in the planning, the five majority council members have dealt more misery to Fairfield County, approving an industrial area next to residential areas.

Furthermore, the five cannot justify what county funds are available anymore or where the money is going.

Years ago I endured the same situations in another county. It went on for years until the state stepped in and found major collusion and illegal goings on. I hope this isn’t the case in Fairfield County.

When tax paying citizens plead for help, and it falls on deaf ears, it is time to get rid of what’s wrong.

We need a hero…just like in the movies.

We need council members who have integrity with knowledge and authority and who will vote for what is just and fair for the people of Fairfield County. It’s all about good and caring vs. arrogance and ego.

Fairfield County will become a ghost town if nothing is done soon.

We are losing long-term employees and there are hardly any applications to fill in the vacancies of many positions.

I will be out in the next election campaigning against the uncaring members of this council.

When this mess is over, and we are finally headed in the right direction, as Mr. Bell has said many times “It will be a big deal…a really big deal”.

So, hang on Fairfield, just a little longer.

Joe Novaro ( The Forgotten 58)


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