County election results are in

Clarence Gilbert, Peggy Swearingen and Douglas Pauley | Photo: Barbara Ball

WINNSBORO – The results for Fairfield County Council are in. Peggy Swearingen (Dist. 3) and Dan Ruff (Dist. 1) beat out Mikel Trapp and Moses Bell. Douglas Pauley (Dist. 5) and Clarence Gilbert (Dist. 7) were re-elected.

County Council District 1:
Dan Ruff – 555
Moses Bell – 381
Kenny Robertson – 227
Write-in – 2

County Council District 3:
Peggy Swearingen – 583
Mikel Trapp – 446
Write-in – 7

County Council District 5:
Douglas Pauley – 536
Kirk Chappell – 379
Write-in – 16

County Council District 7:
Clarence Gilbert – 589
Lisa Brandenburg – 442
Write-in – 6

Fairfield School Board District 1:
Sylvia Harrison – 774
Clair MoMo Qualls – 300
Write-in – 4

Fairfield School Board District 3:
Henry Miller – 816
Write-in – 10

Fairfield School Board District 5:
Carl E. Jackson Jr – 751
Write-in – 12

Fairfield School Board District 7:
Darreyl Davis – 627
Kolisa Willingham Douglas – 426
Write-in – 8

Solicitor Circut 6:
Randy Newman – 4,925
Write-in – 80

Fairfield County Treasurer:
Norma W Branham – 7,411
Write-in – 76

Fairfield County Auditor:
Anne Bass – 5,766
Frank A Johnson – 2,013
Write-in – 25

Fairfield County Probate Judge:
Bradley Caulder – 6,209
Talya Harper Seals – 1566
Write-in – 30

Fairfield Soil and Water District Commission (2)
Eric Cathcart – 3,381
William J Ladd Jr – 3237
Write-in – 66

Watershed Conservation District Rocky Creek (2)
Claudia F Dean – 37
William F Wishert – 50
Write-in – 0

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  1. Jeff Schaffer says

    Can I say … And the TRUTH will set you FREE!
    We told everyone we could the facts, the proof and I suppose our TRUTH. Here we are the man who said he would pay back (AND NEVER DID) the education money on the 1st of Never…He s gone, Mr. Trapp!
    Mr. Bell Gone to if ever there was an ego so bloated it refused to listen to the voice of the people “ALL” the people. I doubt that either one of them will ever show up again at a county meeting. Since in the future they will not be able to take out reimbursement for their trip to come to work!!! Fairfield county has to stop listening to the big mouths of Racial and Radical hate-mongering, and start listening to the real concerns of the people living without a real Fire Dept. and Life-Saving EMS and Police who can respond safely and patrol in more than 1 man cars at one time. CHANGES ARE COMING!
    Jeff Schaffer

  2. Mike Bell says

    Thanks to everyone in Fairfield County for voting!!!!!!!!!!! You showed up to stop the madness!

    District 1 and 3! Thank you for saving us all!

    Mike Bell

  3. Peter Gainey says

    If there are 2 county council members who needed to go most it certainly was Moses Bell and Mikal Trapp. Let this be a message to all our elected officials (and new and remaining council members):
    Listen to your fellow citizen’s needs.
    Exercise good, honest judgement to benefit all
    Heed your bias. Forget about prejudice.
    You will be held accountable!
    Peter Gainey

  4. D.Harris says

    Well said Peter 👏

  5. Thomas J Greenlaw says

    What was the outcome of the two ballot amendments?

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