Davis receives $615K separation agreement

COLUMBIA – In a separation agreement with Richland School District Two, former Superintendent Dr. Baron Davis will receive $615,000, it was announced on Monday.


On Jan. 17, the district accepted Dr. Baron Davis’ resignation after a six-hour meeting at which his contract was discussed. After Davis and the board mutually agreed to separate during the meeting, Davis resigned, and the board unanimously agreed to accept his resignation.

The executed separation agreement was provided to The Voice by the district in response to a Freedom of Information request.

According to the agreement, the district will pay out $415,518.68, less payroll deductions. In addition, Davis will receive a payout for his unused sick leave and vacation days at $124,481.32. He also is receiving $75,000 for “settlement for all disputed claims.” The total settlement comes to $615,000.

Davis was hired as the Richland Two superintendent in 2017. His contract was not to expire until 2026.

The separation agreement states that Davis is eligible for additional compensation should he provide assistance to the district in regard to pending or future litigation. He would be compensated at an hourly rate based on his existing pay.

The Richland Two board voted unanimously to appoint Nancy Gregory as Interim Superintendent effective Jan. 19.

Gregory has been a member of the Richland Two family since 1980, serving in a number of capacities including teacher, principal and administrator. Gregory was a popular principal at Blythewood Middle for 9 years, and during that time she was named the state Middle School Principal of the Year by SCASA, and the school was named Palmetto’s Finest.

Gregory most recently served as the district’s chief instructional officer.


  1. Jerry Rega says

    The tax payers of Richland School District Two should have a right to know the details surrounding the resignation and/or dismissal of Dr. Baron Davis. There is reason to be concerned that the Board dismissed Dr. Davis simply because there was a disagreement on how the district was being managed and Dr. Davis agreed to walk away for a payoff of $615,000, a payoff that that brings little value to the tax payers and students of Richland Two.

  2. That was the price/cost of getting rid of Baron. The previous board kept extending his contract, giving him raises, and sweetening the termination deal to 18 month’s pay. So his contract was worth about $1,300,000; maybe more. By “accepting his resignation” with its negotiated pay-off (effective immediately) all talk was over, unless Baron wants to explain it. The Board can say, “We didn’t fire him. He quit.” Did the I.G.’s Report play a big role? Did the shift in the Board play a big role? Was the handwriting on the wall for him on August 15, when three trustees did not file to run for re-election? The question now is, where will Richland Two find a competent, capable, effective replacement? And at what price?

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