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Pauley, Robinson counter Mt. Zion cost update

WINNSBORO – Offering an update during Monday night’s county council meeting on the final days of construction of the Mt. Zion administration building, Ed Driggers, assistant to the interim county administrator, set off on a high note. “We’re not seeing anything on the contractor’s schedule that gives us any substantial concern. The schedule is moving […]

New hurdles to Mt. Zion relocation

WINNSBORO – During Monday night’s county council meeting, Council Chair Moses Bell called on several county officials to voice their concerns about plans to relocate the county’s administration operations into the newly renovated Mt. Zion building when it’s completed in October, 2021. Bell and Councilwoman Shirley Greene took the lead in voicing those concerns, stating […]

Majority 4 send MLK monument to Mt. Zion

Council Options Land for $2.5M Ridgeway Rec Center WINNSBORO – The majority 4 on Fairfield County Council – Moses Bell, Shirley Greene, Mikel Trapp and Tim Roseborough voted to support the erection of a monument to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the grounds of the renovated Mt. Zion property which will serve as […]

Mt. Zion project costs rise with threat of cancelling contract

WINNSBORO – As Fairfield County looks down the double barrel of reduced revenue and a $3.5 million shortfall for the second year in a row, it also faces significant additional costs on the Mt. Zion renovations after four council members threatened to cancel the county’s Mt. Zion lease contract with developer 1st and Main. The […]

Developer: County could be on the hook for millions if it breaks Mt. Zion contract

WINNSBORO – After weeks of publicly claiming that the cost of renovating Mt. Zion is unknown, County Councilman Moses Bell and the three-member ad hoc committee he appointed to find out those costs, were reminded Monday night that the cost information is readily available to the public. Rory Dowling, principal of 1st and Main which […]

Developer Answers Questions About Mt. Zion Renovation

Why did the County explore a new location for Offices? The existing location of the county offices was retrofitted in the 1980s. It continues to deteriorate and has significant code issues including water intrusion, mold, and rodent infestation. The roof and mechanical equipment are in the most urgent need for repair that would cost the […]

How much is the renovation of Mt. Zion costing the county?

Council Chairman Moses Bell says the cost of the Mt. Zion contract is unknown and has appointed an ad hoc committee to determine those costs. That information, county officials say, has been readily available from the county and from the developer. WINNSBORO – During a Feb. 10 county council special called meeting, Council Chairman Moses […]

Bell calls for review of Mt. Zion contract costs

WINNSBORO – Cancelling plans for a new county building would trigger litigation that could cost Fairfield County upwards of $13 million, some council members say. “If the ultimate goal is to tear down this project, we’re probably looking at a $13 million lawsuit we can’t afford,” Councilman Neil Robinson said during a special meeting Feb. […]

Mt. Zion Renovations

WINNSBORO – Construction work on the Mt. Zion Institute continues. The building is being renovated for use as a new county administration complex. The former gymnasium and auditorium have now been cleaned out and roof construction is underway. A ribbon cutting that was scheduled for March 28 has been postponed due to coronavirus restrictions and […]

Council votes 5-2 to renovate Mt. Zion for Administration Building

WINNSBORO  – It wasn’t quite as dramatic as the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, but there still was plenty of suspense at Monday night’s Fairfield County Council meeting. Council members gave final reading to an ordinance authorizing the county to move forward with an $11.5 million plan to build a new government center at the site of […]

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