O Happy Day!

WINNSBORO – Friends, family and employees gathered at Alltemp’s offices in Winnsboro to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. Owner Chris Griffith, center, thanked the community for their support. Griffith’s wife, Aimee, presented him with a 10-year desk plaque. Alltemp is located at 500-1/2 Peays Ferry Road in Winnsboro.

Armentrout wins $300 U-Pick-‘Em cash prize

WINNSBORO – While several readers picked 13 bowl winners, Armentrout and Bill Breedin, also of Blythewood, correctly picked 14 of the 16 college bowl winners. Armentrout won the tie-breaker by nailing the total points scored during the National Championship game – 67. He said it was his first time to enter. Armentrout said the $300 […]

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