Tax Plan Rankles School Board

The concept of a level playing field in funding education in South Carolina may be an idealistic one, but it didn’t go over well with the Fairfield County School Board during their June 5 meeting. Scott Price, of the State School Boards Association, and William F. Halligan, of the Columbia law firm Childs and Halligan, […]

Keep Your Hands Off My Stack

Justice, liberty and equality, while etched in the founding documents of our nation, did not come without great sacrifice, and did not come instantly, with the stroke of a pen. Indeed, many here in Fairfield County, not so very long ago, marched and protested and rode busses and carried signs to obtain and ensure those […]

County Reacts to Tax Plan

County Council reacted Monday night to a recent Fairfield County School Board meeting where a presentation was given by Scott Price, an attorney for the S.C. School Board Association and William Halligan of Childs and Halligan, P.A. on a proposed South Carolina Education Finance Restructuring Act. The act, which proponents plan to bring to the […]