Fairfield honors nine of its own

WINNSBORO – It was a cold, bright sunny morning. Big band music from the 1940’s wafted across the lawn as guests gathered and took their seats in a half circle in front of the World War II memorial on the Green of the Mt. Zion Institute The ceremony began with the posting of the colors, […]

Historical society honors living WWII vets

FAIRFIELD COUNTY – In Fairfield County, just nine people who served in the U.S. military during World War II are still living. The younger ones are in their mid-90s; the oldest, over 100. This Veterans’ Day, the community is holding an event to honor them while they still can. Just as is occurring across the […]

Flags to mark veterans’ graves

FAIRFIELD COUNTY – This year ahead of Veterans’ Day, volunteers are placing nearly 1,500 flags on veterans’ graves around Fairfield County, said Suzanne Johnson, a regular volunteer for the county’s museum, genealogy society, and historical society. Johnson, who is coordinating the effort, says it mirrors what is done at national cemeteries in the U.S. (including […]

Historical Society’s Annual Meeting

WINNSBORO – The Fairfield County Historical Society held its annual membership meeting on Sunday afternoon. The program featured the works of two South Carolina authors in the auditorium of Christ Central Church. A reception and book signing followed in the Fairfield County Museum. Pictured above, Mary Ann Hollis and Mary Vinnacombs, the great, great, great […]

Preserving History

WINNSBORO – Members of the Fairfield High School and Alumni Association were awarded the William Banks Patrick Award for Historic Preservation by the Fairfield County Historical Society for their work in restoring the Fairfield High School building. The award was received by, from left: Willie J. Milton, Betty G. Milton, Sharon W. Byrd, Carolyn Richmond, […]