Gifts from the Kitchen

As seen in the Holiday Entertaining Guide. Gifts from the kitchen are always thoughtful and appreciated. This year, why not join the jar revolution and package your homemade gifts in canning jars? In this collection of mixes, soups, and sweets treats you’ll find something for everyone on your gift list. Assembly is easy, kids will […]

Tart, Tangy and Tasty

No one is really sure how cranberries became such an integral part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Most historians believe it had something to do with the generosity of Native Americans who used the cranberry for food as well as medicine, and, in turn, shared the bounty at that very first Thanksgiving. Conveniently, cranberries are harvested in […]

The Fruit of Culinary Knowledge

Apple season is here again, so it’s time to round up the kids and take a day trip to the apple orchard and bring home lots of apples and even more memories. If, after you’ve finished “Instagramming” all those adorable orchard pics and making quarts of applesauce as well as the ubiquitous apple crisp for […]

Fancy Twist on Classic Mac ‘n Cheese

Thank you Thomas Jefferson for your amazing contributions to these United States of America. You gave us the dumbwaiters, the hideaway bed, the pedometer, the revolving bookstand, the Declaration of Independence (eternal thanks and admiration for this little gem) and last but not least, macaroni and cheese. Rumor has it that Jefferson actually served macaroni […]