Counties differ on animal abusers

WINNSBORO  – A man convicted of setting a dog on fire is serving a five-year prison sentence, the maximum allowed under state law. Another man who dragged a dog with a truck more than a mile didn’t spend one day in prison. So what makes these cases different? One was prosecuted in Richland County; the […]

Chairman contests response to proposed ordinance

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County is shooing any notion that it’s trying to coax the Town of Winnsboro into adopting the tougher animal control laws that the County is considering. But that’s the perception Winnsboro Town Council expressed during its June 5 meeting. Mayor Roger Gaddy called the county’s proposed ordinance “cumbersome,” and he and other […]

Town of Winnsboro resists tougher animal control laws

WINNSBORO – Winnsboro leaders think Fairfield County is barking up the wrong tree by asking the town to emulate the county’s animal control ordinance. On Monday night, Winnsboro Town Council members resisted the request, saying the county’s law is overly superfluous and restrictive. “I think the ordinance is relatively lengthy and cumbersome and may impose […]

Passing the Torch

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department, Winnsboro Department of Public Safety and other Fairfield County law enforcement agencies participated in the annual “County Line to County Line” S.C. Special Olympics Torch Run last Friday. Above, Winnsboro Police Chief John Seibles helps bring the torch down Congress Street to the courthouse, where it was passed to Sheriff […]

Chamber Board meets secretly; votes to become ‘inactive’

WINNSBORO – The elephant in the room was not mentioned during the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast on Wednesday. That elephant was the surprise announcement on Monday that the Chamber Board voted for the Chamber to become ‘inactive’ as of June 30, 2018. While Facebook pages lit up with the news, neither the […]