Guest Editorial: Keep a Close Eye on Vet Charities

At first glance, they appear to be the noblest of causes. Their brochures feature images that tug at the heartstrings – perhaps a uniformed man in a wheelchair, or a tearful widow accepting a folded U.S. flag. They use patriotic-sounding names like “Honor America’s Veterans” or “Salute our Soldiers.” But too often, so-called “charities” purporting […]

Guest Editorial: Thriving Local Businesses mean Thriving Communities

If you’ve got shopping to do, the national “big-box” and ecommerce retailers can seem like an appealing option. They’re often located close to the Interstate. With huge advertising budgets, they bombard us with tantalizing deals and “doorbuster specials.” And in the Internet era it’s easier than ever to make purchases with a few clicks on […]

Guest Editorial: Small newspapers make a big difference

Of the many factors that contribute to a community’s quality of life, one that’s often under-appreciated is the local newspaper. Small, weekly (or non-daily) publications are a form of public service. They bring us “good news” and recognize the efforts of hometown people who make a difference. On their pages you’re likely to find news […]

News Analysis: Comptroller issues warning on filing

COLUMBIA – Each October, many state agencies – including public colleges and universities – are required to submit to me their financial statements for the previous fiscal year. I use those statements to produce South Carolina’s financial report, which is used by lawmakers, credit rating agencies, and others to assess the state’s financial condition. An […]

Public officials need resolutions

COLUMBIA – For many of us, the arrival of January 1st means more than a new calendar year. It’s an opportunity for a new chapter… a chance to get things right, to commit to bettering ourselves in some way. We resolve to eat healthier and exercise, save more, spend more time with loved ones, learn […]