Columbia Water Flows into Blythewood

In spite of a few last-minute snags and delays, water is now flowing into Blythewood from the City of Columbia. The tap was officially turned on Aug. 6, giving Blythewood Customers of Winnsboro Water access to 400,000 gallons per day from Columbia.

A pressure switch failure Aug. 2 and a control panel failure Aug. 3, both on the pumping system, pushed the start date back several days. Both issues were resolved by Aug. 6.

The influx of Columbia water into Blythewood will save the Town of Winnsboro more than a quarter-million gallons per day, but water restrictions are still in effect for customers in Fairfield County. John Fantry, special counsel to the Town of Winnsboro, said the Town’s reservoir was still low and it could take up to 30 days for the Town to gauge what impact the diversion of Blythewood water has had on Winnsboro’s supply.

At that time, the Town will consider revising or lifting mandatory water restrictions, and will also reconsider Fairfield County’s request for a water tap at a new industrial park, as well as a request from Fairfield Central High School to water their athletic fields. Winnsboro will also then consider a request from the Town of Blythewood for two new water taps for watering plants near exit 27.

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