Letter: Let’s Vote

Eureka! The Chester Election Commission has provided us with wonderful news. The Commission’s recent election fillings indicate we can now have a State Senator who values achievements over showmanship. Furthermore, we can now elect a State Senator who will work with other state legislators to sponsor and pass real legislation which actually does something to […]

Newspapers Ensure Your Right To Know

We in the media take our role as the Fourth Estate seriously and work hard to protect your right to know, making public records requests and attending public meetings to keep you informed.  Why? Because we believe all the business government does, whether in open public meetings or behind closed doors, is your business. We […]

Public (Special) Education Should Look to Barclay School for Guidance

Private alternative schools like The Barclay School, which operated for more than a decade in Fairfield County before closing at the end of February due to funding challenges, are a testament to the unmet need in special education. The tiny little school in Ridgeway, which ran on a shoestring budget with the help of volunteers […]

Letter: WWTP Threatens Creek

My ancestors can be traced to Fairfield County more than 100 years back. I came here 20 years ago to get away from “the city” and urban sprawl. I feel that I belong here and I want to stay here. I would like to know that decision is because I choose to stay not because […]

A News Comment: What does the McClatchy bankruptcy really mean?

When The Hill, a website based in Washington, D.C. and focused on politics, policy, business and international relations, broke the news to early risers last Thursday morning that McClatchy, the nation’s second-largest newspaper company, had filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, the ground shook underneath newspaper offices, large and small, across America even though insiders […]

Letter to the Editor: Stop Nepotism

We are all too keenly aware of the harmful effects of insider favoritism in politics. The recent Fairfield County/Chester County magistrate debacle certainly underscored the problems manifested by good ole’ boy practices. Fortunately, the state legislature has introduced bill, H.5090, which takes a step to address the problem of family elections/appointments to a judicial office. […]

Letter: Say No to R2 Super’s Gig

The published agenda for the Feb. 11 R2 School Board meeting included a request to change the March 24 meeting to March 31 to accommodate a request from the Digital League of Innovative Schools and the Compton Unified School District. “These organizations have asked [Superintendent] Dr. Davis to present on the equity initiatives underway in […]

Guest Editorial: Please Come Out and Vote

Four years ago I was honored to be elected as a member of Blythewood Town Council. It was an extraordinary and rewarding experience for me and I want to build upon that experience and continue to serve Blythewood’s residents as a member of council. Having lived in Ashley Oaks since 2004 I have seen the […]

Court rules on agenda additions

COLUMBIA – If a recent common pleas court ruling stands, public bodies, including town and county councils, will not be allowed to add an item to an agenda unless the vote is prompted by an existing emergency and meets other requirements. And since an appeal is planned, an important precedent for public bodies on this […]

Letters: Opposes wastewater site

I attended and spoke at the Jan. 13 regular Fairfield County Council meeting and left there in total shame asking why do some of these council members not listen to the public, to their neighbors or their constituents?  In my personal opinion, the meeting was a farce, and a disgrace to the public. It was […]