Editorial: ‘News deserts’ and weak ethics laws allow corruption to run rampant in SC

In a new series on corruption in South Carolina, The Post and Courier states that roughly half of all journalism jobs disappeared during the past 15 years. As community news organizations have folded or are just hanging on, “news deserts” are created where public officials operate without reporters keeping tabs, causing corruption to flourish as […]

Letter: No Racism in Dawkins

I want to address the current claim of racial divide in Dawkins. I have lived here for the past two decades. We were one of the first white families to move here. I thought I should address the recent hate letter sent to some of my neighbors. Regardless of who sent this hate letter I […]

Letter: Let’s Move Forward

I’m afraid our voters made some terrible mistakes in November. The new 4-3 majority does not appear to be intent on helping the county. They seem more interested in using their new power to turn the county around to go backwards. They seem obsessed with going after what the previous council accomplished. I hope the-4-3 […]

Letter: Disappointed, Not Surprised

I’ve been following Fairfield County Politics for three decades now, and while I’m seldom surprised by decisions made in council chambers, I’m often disappointed. The recent decision by county council to offer our current administrator a five month contract extension has managed to do both – surprise and disappoint. As a former county employee in […]

Letter: Fairfield is running aground

Wow. This new Council regime is like a rudderless ship adrift on the high seas. First, four members wasted the initial meeting by postponing the two most important agenda items due to a lack of preparedness. The same four council members exhibited even more clumsiness in the second meeting. Their now infamous and meritless action […]

Letter: Heartwarming story

The story titled, “Not happy ending, but good ending,” in the Feb. 4 issue of The Voice was very heart warming.  It’s a good feeling to know there are people who will show compassion and go above and beyond to help an old suffering injured dog.  If everyone had that determination and compassion, this world […]

Letters: A Foolhardy Move

Fairfield County Citizens, if you have seen recent County Council actions, you know that Council has extended County Administrator Jason Taylor’s contract by only five months. This is to me a very foolhardy move for many reasons. The following are just a few of those reasons: For the first time since I retired in 2008 […]

Guest Editorial: What will it cost Fairfield County to lose Jason Taylor?

“Losing your best people means losing your reliable winners, your constant innovators and your most effective problem solvers”, says People Keep.   Controversial exits can lead to a break down in team morale and could mean the loss of customer relationships.  It could also threaten your brand and further jeopardize sensitive negotiations with potential businesses and […]

Letter: A Disturbing Vote

The recent actions of the Fairfield County Council are disturbing, perplexing and more importantly, not representative of the constituents’ desires. The 5-month employment contract should be exposed as a first step to get rid of county administrator, Jason Taylor. One of our new council members stated that she voted to give Mr. Taylor a limited […]

Keep Jason Taylor

We do not need our present county council to limit Jason Taylor’s contract.   I ask everyone to contact council members to rethink their decision of a 5-month contract.  [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected] [email protected] This link showcases some of Jason Taylor’s many great accomplishments during his four-year tenure in Fairfield County:  www.blythewoodonline.com/2020/12/2020-a-banner-year-in-fairfield/ A prayer […]