Guest Editorial: Cinco de Mayo celebrated more in US than Mexico

May 5 is Cinco De Mayo, a holiday rooted in Mexican history that has been adopted by millions of Americans, both Latino and non-Latino.  The holiday is actually celebrated more in the United States than in Mexico. This year marks the 160th anniversary of the inspiration for the holiday, a Mexican victory over the French […]

Letter: The Still-Forgotten 58

Over the past several months I have voiced my opinion on the poor decisions made by the Fairfield County Council members. I would like to explain where my disappointment started and why it evolved into total distrust. I had the honor of working for the Fairfield County Recreation Department with a terrific group of county […]

Editorial: This newspaper won’t sell its soul for $29,400

Following an hour-long executive session on April 20, in which Nexsen Pruet attorney David Black and attorney Shannon Burnett updated council on two lawsuits the Town of Blythewood is involved in with MPA Strategies, Mr. Black told council that The Voice’s publisher has cost the Town almost $70,000 for FOIA requests submitted in regard to […]

Letter: Crickentree Board Pushes Back

The Board of Directors for Crickentree Homeowners’ Association, Inc. is writing to clarify some misrepresentations and misstatements made by a former Board member in his recent letters to The Voice. While this will be our first and final response on this platform, it is important that the community know that those letters inaccurately depict the […]

Letter: Council lacks transparency in budget planning The annual county budget directly affects where citizens live and work and should be influenced by their needs and concerns.” This Fairfield government, however, is again, blocking citizen engagement with its lack of financial transparency in the budgeting process. Under Moses Bell’s leadership, our citizens are denied access to vital analytical reports which describe […]

Letter: Why do our taxes have to go up?

Since giving up Netflix and Amazon viewing, I have saved many dollars by watching You Tube. My favorite program is The Fairfield County Council Meetings. Recently they displayed many reasons why the public doesn’t waste time speaking anymore. Those who do speak are genuinely concerned about the direction that Fairfield County is headed. (Higher taxes […]

Letter: How to Avoid Liquor Party Liability

Those CAMS folks – they are our canary in the coal mine when it comes to detecting risky behavior. Ever since Crickentree began offering Liquor parties for our neighbors, beginning with the Bourbon Tasting Party on 5/1/2021, CAMS has been side-stepping any liability by having the Board President sign a Waiver of Liability for events. […]

Letter: AMS pays HOA bills Late

Every so often we homeowners pay our association dues late, and we incur a $5 late fee. We pay that late fee partly because we are responsible citizens, and partly because CAMS, our management company holds us accountable. CAMS makes sure to collect those late fees from the Crickentree owners — $700.18 thus far in […]

Guest Editorial: What they forgot to tell us about the mass rezoning

In response to a question asked by one of the commissioners at Planning Commission’s work session last week relating to how the LDC/County-wide rezoning process started, Mr. Crooks responded that the process began several years ago because folks wanted to have a way of protecting the rural character of the county. I was one of […]

Letter: SC Senate passes school choice bill

It was a historic week for Palmetto State students. Last Thursday, the South Carolina Senate passed a major school choice bill by a vote of 25-15! The Associated Press documented the unprecedented nature of this vote:  “The proposal is the evolution of nearly 20 years of Republicans pushing to put money into providing more education […]