Letter: Teacher Village Questions

The Dominion Settlement with the county included $2.2 million for a Teacher’s Village. But the settlement doesn’t answer the big questions. Here are a few for starters. Will the settlement allotment cover everything including infrastructure, landscaping, insurance, etc? What guarantees will be in place to shield the already over-burdened Fairfield taxpayer from cost overruns? Who […]

Guest Editorial: Who’s writing our ordinances?

Has the one who writes our county ordinances left, too? The Ordinance No. 771, concerning the erection of the MLK monument on the grounds of the new county administration building, as written and passed at the last council meeting is doomed to failure. It is so vaguely written that it is not even an ordinance. […]

Letter: County paid Bell $252/mo. to drive to meetings

The council majority of 4 are all about their best interest, not the citizens’ best interest. What could possibly justify Chairmen Moses Bell charging the county $42 each time he comes to a county council meeting – a meeting that the county already pays him $18,000 a year to attend. Some weeks, Mr. Bell charges […]

Letter: Sad Day for County

There are people here today saying good bye to Jason Taylor and Laura Johnson who truly appreciate the hard work they gave to our county. There are also people who are here only to celebrate what they have done against our county. I have known bitter people in my life but nothing like this. Losing […]

Letter: Training at the Beach

“I need to go someplace because I’ve not had training at all for this council.” Well, Councilwoman Greene, you introduced yourself in campaign fashion to me and my wife on election day outside our polling place. The fact you had no training or experience was not your “vote for me pitch.” Suddenly, now that training […]

Guest Editorial: Local press needs to be supported

Americans trust local news over national news by a two-to-one margin. U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, came out strongly last week in favor of including local news as critical American infrastructure in need of support — highlighting the role of local newspapers as a trusted […]

Letter: The Fiasco Continues

I cannot recommend attendance at a Fairfield County Council session. It is depressing. Tonight’s meeting continued with the four to three split on just about everything.  This was especially the case on the second reading of the proposed FY 2021-2022 county budget. The 4 majority amended the proposed budget to kill the proposed 5 mill […]

Guest Editorial: Should the Richland District 2 School Board be Dissolved?

Should the State of South Carolina Department of Education dissolve the Richland 2 School Board? That idea came to mind as I read the article in The State by Zak Koeske, published on April 18. Zak’s article described the interest of the S.C. DOE in taking over the boards of low-performing school districts. Here’s why […]


Definition of bamboozle verb: conceal one’s true motives from, especially by elaborately feigning good intentions, so as to gain an end. Usage example: Those who voted for the 4 were BAMBOOZLED into believing the 4 would deliver openness, ethical practices, transparency, and thoughtful judgment. Unfortunately, reality quickly proved the voters were BAMBOOZLED. The BAMBOOZLED public […]

Letter: Merriam Says

Maleficence (mă-lĕf′ĭ-sĕns) [L. maleficentia, evildoing] Acting in a deliberately harmful manner toward others. Usage example: He is committing a blatant act of maleficence by knowingly (or at least should have known) running up the Mt. Zion project costs because he has yet to come up with a workable solution to moving a statue. Randy Bright […]