A Thanksgiving to Remember

Americans have endured some tough years of late, which is nothing new in our history. One example is 1918, when people found plenty of reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. Seventeen days before the holiday, the Armistice had been signed, ending World War I. But the nation was still in the throes of the influenza epidemic, which […]

Guest Edtiorial: Are Employee Surveys Being Used Against Us?

We were assured this was an opportunity to voice our concerns without retribution or retaliation. Are our surveys being “investigated” by administration? Will the surveys now be used against us by administration? Will they affect our working relationships, work environment, etc.? Mr. Gilbert, thank you for pointing out that employee morale has been at an […]

Letter: Scrap the 21 Mile Septic System

We need to scrap Mr. Bell’s vision of a 21-mile septic system due to its sensory, environmental and financial impact. The system will have to be built somewhere between roughly Highway 213 and the county line with Richland County, which makes the Little River watershed the most likely area of construction. First,  all the many […]

Guest Editorial: Have We Lost Our Minds?

Do we really prefer pumping raw untreated sewage 21 miles to the Broad River versus releasing clean treated water into cedar creek or some other tributary nearby? It all eventually flows into the Broad River. Cedar Creek already takes treated water from Ridgeway’s sewage system. More clean water will make no difference to a creek […]

Letter: Before You Vote…

The following opinions are pertaining to the Fairfield County election. I hope you had the time to watch our beloved Fairfield County Council meetings and have made the same observations as I did. Recently, the county spent thousands of our tax dollars on a county wide “Employee Survey.” Its purpose was to enlighten the administration […]

Letter: Rotary sponsors World Polio Day

October 24 is World Polio Day, sponsored by Rotary International in partnership with the WHO and other donors to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). I’ve only recently been made aware of efforts to end Polio. Like many, you may believe that Polio has already been completely eradicated. When Rotary and its partners launched the […]

Guest Editorial: County will pay dear price for losing so many experienced employees

Monday’s council meeting was very constructive in that it served to highlight Council’s continued refusal to listen. Their “ostrich” approach is the nexus behind the fact that the only real progress made this past 19 months was due to the previous administration. Even the meeting venue at the new county administration building served to remind […]

Guest Editorial: The Local Newspaper Has Never Been More Relevant

Newspaper reporting and content have never been more relevant.  We at NNA see daily, in our government affairs work with members of Congress, that they almost uniformly admire their local community papers regardless of how they might feel about the national press. We see it in the example of the civic leaders in Mineral Wells, […]

Letter: Still Waiting for the Money

The infection is growing at the Fairfield County Council. For months I have seen the same results come out of their meetings. The vote is almost always 5 to 2 on every unusually ignorant spending. They are accused of having secret phone meetings, deliberately leaving out non-agreeing council members. In the meetings they disrespect the […]

Letter: Funding R2 Lame Ducks’ Travel

Pursuant to Board Policy BEDH Public Participation at Meetings, particularly Agenda Items, which reads “Citizens wanting an item to be placed on the agenda…” I, Gus Philpott, of 39 Barony Place Circle and resident of Richland School District Two, hereby make this request on September 20, 2022, which is more than three days before the […]