Letter: Coleman Pushes Back

I read with interest the article by Travis Jenkins in The Voice, dated August 15, 2019, titled “Emails, Waiver Provide Insight into Underwood’s Back Pay.” I specifically want to address County Supervisor Shane Stuart’s comments regarding the back pay of the suspended Magistrate, Angel Underwood, and to further outline my steps as your sitting Senator […]

Letter: Fine is Only $100 for Yellow Line Roulette

Passing a car on a double yellow line in South Carolina is Russian Roulette. It’s the same as putting a single bullet into a pistol chamber, spinning it, putting it to your head, and pulling the trigger to see what happens.  And in South Carolina it’s punishable by a fine of $100.00 and 30 days […]

Letters: I am honest, credible, truthful

After reading your article in the Voice, I was very disappointed.  During my service on Richland County Council, I’ve made it a point to be honest, credible, and truthful.  I’m enclosing my original conclusive summary of the July 2 meeting of which can be substantiated be the stenographer’s report whose services were retained by Dr. […]

It is time to recognize the journalists who gave their all

An Editorial by the National Newspaper Association WASHINGTON, D.C. — World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle died during the invasion of Okinawa in 1945.  In his pocket was a draft of his last column, “On Victory in Europe.” He wrote, “…the companionship of two and a half years of death and misery is a spouse […]

Letters: Fanning’s Operation Chaos

Apparently, Sen. Fanning is heck bent on marching forward with “Operation Chaos in Fairfield” via his latest appointee upheaval – the possible reappointment of the election commission this time. Once again, is Fanning’s whim going to place the county at risk by trading qualified experience for his costly agenda – an all-at-once upheaval instead of […]

Guest Editorial: Red Gate proposal unacceptable

As you might have read in this paper, at the June 3, 2019 Blythewood Planning Commission meeting, the following agenda item was approved: “Zoning Map Amendment – – Rezone portion from (PD) Planned Development to (PD) Planned Development (Blythewood/Muller/Syrup Mill Roads) (TMS# 15100-10-01/TMS# 12600-02-01/TMS# 12700-01-21)” This proposed development started with Richland County back in 2007 […]

Letters: What in the Heck

What in the heck was Sen. Fanning thinking when he set in motion the now- exposed-as-farcical Great Magistrate Upheaval? Why did we need a wholesale Magistrate change in the first place? Did he really believe the public would be silent about a tainted selection process which included a heavy dose of good ole boyism in […]

Letters: Redemption for JWC

Events surrounding the Jenkinsville Water Company clearly indicate its prudent path to redemption is to join the Fairfield Water Authority. First, it makes common sense to have a coordinated and united water authority to facilitate growth and welfare for the county. Second, JWC could use the help. Clearly, JWC has a history of troubling challenges. […]

Letters: Keep Up The Fight

I think most would agree that the bringing forth of life is a tremendous blessing.  However, we can’t look past the fact that women experience pregnancy in many different circumstances, some extremely difficult and even life threatening.  The right to make decisions about what is best for her own body is just that… her decision. […]

Letters: Where Did The Money Go?

The Board of Directors is at fault for the condition of the Blythewood Chamber. They weren’t watching the store. Why wouldn’t the Board have insisted on financial statements and accountability? Why didn’t the Treasurer insist on regular financials and then report to the Board when he wasn’t getting them? The problem should have been spotted […]