Guest Editorial: County’s budget planning falls short

I attended the May 4 budget meeting where the department heads told council what money they needed for the coming fiscal year, the majority of which were increases from the current fiscal year.  There were a few things I expected to see during this meeting but didn’t. First, I expected to see all seven council […]

Guest Editorial: The Most Important Man in Tech

Warnings about the enormous dangers of artificial intelligence are warranted, but mere calls for “regulations” are empty. The question is not whether regulatory regimes are needed, but how to control the uses to which A.I. can be put. Anything human or nonhuman that is capable of creative thought is also capable of creating mechanisms for self-preservation, for […]

Letter: To the R2 Board of Trustees

I noticed in your agenda under section 10.2 Legislative updates, you highlight among other educational policies, several school choice Bills. In your Legislative update, the presentation highlights Senate Bill 39, which provides scholarships to students seeking school choice. In your presentation, it seems to suggest that ‘student eligibility’ is defined by:  “household income that does […]

Guest Editorial: Remember V-E Day on May 6

The surrender of German forces ended World War II in the European theater, and sparked celebrations across America. The men in the field were pretty happy, too. “I was absolutely overjoyed when I heard the news,” said the late James Lambeth, an Illinois veteran who was stationed in Germany at the time. “That was one […]

Letter: The Time is Now!

Our high hopes for our new council are beginning to tarnish due to inaction. We need experienced, professional help to address an extensive list of pressing issues. After almost four months, we have still not posted for the position of a county administrator. We must, MUST take action on building a wastewater treatment plant that […]

Guest Editorial: A TV show about a local newspaper? We’ll take it

We all like to see a piece of ourselves on the screen. In recent months I’ve enjoyed watching the show “Alaska Daily” on Thursday nights on ABC. I’m sure a few of you might also have been watching, but for those who haven’t, here’s the basic gist: A top shelf journalist (played by Oscar winner […]

Letter: The high cost of Jenkinsville water

After I purchased a rental house in Jenkinsville, I noticed there was a chain and lock on the water meter that looked like it had not been touched for a long time. I called the Jenkinsville Water Company (JWC) to have the water turned on. I had to show them the deed to the property […]

Letter: A Better Place

This June 9 quote from our new Council Chairman is refreshing and gives us hope for a bright future ahead. In response to the citizens’ needs assessment: “It does help us as a council to hear their thoughts to make Fairfield County a better place to live and work,” Pauley said. “Seeing what the survey […]

Guest Editorial: Let the Sun Shine In

Sunshine Week sheds light upon the laws that allow citizens access to public records. The celebration promotes a transparent government and shines light into the dark recesses of government secrecy, according to the South Carolina Press Association (SCPA). Sunshine Week was first launched in 2005 by the American Society of News Leaders, now named the […]

Letter: Burning Questions For Fairfield County

What were all the obstacles preventing Fairfield from being awarded the Scout Motors contract? Why haven’t we had any real economic development these past two years? What are we going to do to fix the aforementioned problems? When will we change the governance mentality that commits millions of dollars to monuments when we are short […]