Letter to R2 Board

Is there some good reason that you continue to disregard parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order? At the November 16th board meeting Trustee Agostini “moved” to add a Human Resources Update to the draft agenda for the December 14th meeting. The only words that Teresa should have spoken were, “Is there a second?” The […]

Bring back 2nd comments

It’s way past time to add the second comments section back to the county council meeting agendas. The second comment session has historically been at the end of the meeting agenda to allow folks to address their concerns about items of concern in the county that are not on the agenda. There are way too […]

ARP Funds Not Fairly Distributed

During the year of 2020, and at the height of the pandemic I worked for the Fairfield County Recreation Department. My fellow coworkers and I worked the whole year, rain or shine to keep the parks in our county well kept. We missed approximately 2 weeks out of the whole year due to stay at […]

Letter: Helping Themselves

The current Council majority sadly seems to be out only for their own benefit. The vote last night was just a way for them to get an extra $1,200 in each of their pockets (when they’re already one of the highest compensated Councils in SC) and – they think – to help them at the […]

Guest Editorial: Why did White Oak Conference Center close?

After it cast a vision to build a conference center for training South Carolina Baptists through retreats and camps, the leadership of the South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) asked churches to donate to the project. Many churches, if not most, sacrificed to make the vision become a reality. As thousands of churches and members across […]

Letters: An Appalling Spectacle

I just watched the appalling spectacle of last night’s council meeting.  I noticed that Mr. Pauley mentioned that in protest he will not be taking his $1200 share of the Covid Relief funds that Mr. Bell has determined would be split equally among all county employees.  I don’t know if any other employees have likewise […]

Letter: The Top Row Needs to Go!

This was one of the most awful videos I’ve viewed in a long time. This should show the citizens why voting is so important. All that money the county receiving and $1200 is being divided for everyone. That’s a crock. Those four on the top row need to be replaced immediately. I’m appalled at what’s […]

Letter: What? No Christmas Trees?

Bah Humbug…or was it the Grinch?? Well somebody or someone tried to steal Christmas 2021! Last year the Blythewood Rotary Club had an incredibly successful fundraiser selling Christmas Trees and Wreaths at the corner of University Parkway and Blythewood Road. The Club used the monies to fund $8,000 in scholarships for high school seniors in […]

Your Local Newspaper is Vital to Community’s Health

The past year has illustrated how desperately communities across our state need a source for local, credible news. No source can be trusted to deliver such news more than your local newspaper. Quite frankly, many of the important stories in your community would not be covered at all if it weren’t for this newspaper and […]

Guest Editorial: Inflation threat means it’s time to pump the brakes on spending

After four decades as barely a blip on the radar, inflation once again rears its ugly head. Just look around. Things are getting sharply more expensive. Gas and food prices are way up. Used cars and building materials cost more. The average cost of goods and services has risen 5.3 percent during the past year […]