New buildings in Town Center must have two or three stories

In sweeping legislation, Town Council has passed an ordinance to establish three new commercial zoning districts (for a total of six), establish regulations pertaining to those districts and to amend and conform the current Blythewood Town code ordinances to reflect all of that.

Among the most noticeable changes and additions in the ordinance is that all new buildings on existing public streets in the Town Center would have to be at least two stories tall.

Three-story construction would be required for buildings on six specified street corners along Blythewood Road: Blythewood Road at Wilson, at both McNulty extensions, at Creech, Boney, at University Village Drive and at Community Road.

The amendments would affect primarily commercial and some non-commercial uses, such as apartment buildings and condominiums, so that those buildings would also be subject to the Board of Architectural Review.

The 145-page document will soon be available on the Town website.

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