Thanks from the Village –

The Winnsboro Mill Village Reunion was held in April at the Old Armory in Winnsboro. There were over 800 people in attendance and the good times were rolling!

After all the bills were paid, the Reunion Committee thought it would be appropriate to thank some folks who contributed to the success of the reunion and also share some with the community: The Town of Winnsboro was very helpful with the reunion; they waived the rental fee for the Armory and gave the reunion attendees a good place to gather! Jimmy and Cherri Burroughs (pictured above at right) of Christ Central Ministries donated cases of bottled water for everyone and also allowed the Reunion Committee to use a large tent for the event. Mike Hollis, a member of Community Fire Department, was great to open the Fire Department every Sunday afternoon for the committee to have a place to meet. The Fairfield Food Bank was also chosen to share some of the funds because they do such an awesome job providing basic food items to Fairfield County’s needy citizens.

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