County Gets on Board with Water Authority

Fairfield County Council voted unanimously Monday night to join the proposed Fairfield regional water authority charter committee, at a cost of $5,000. Fairfield County joins the towns of Winnsboro, Blythewood and Ridgeway in their commitment to the water authority. Mid-County Water has expressed interest in joining as well, but has yet to make it official. The Jenkinsville Water Company has expressed no interest in joining the water authority, while the Mitford Water Company is bound by contract to Chester County for the next several decades.

The deadline for prospective members to submit their entry fee is Sept. 30. A water authority would allow members to share the costs of upkeep, upgrade and expansion of the current water system, and would give members first dibs on service.

Council also voted to curtail their meetings with the Fairfield memorial Hospital Board of Trustees to twice a year, beginning with the first meeting in January.

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